Vail Daily Article: Eagle outsells Beaver Creek

The local real estate market has found its footing again in the past few years in the wake of the nationwide economic slump that first hit in 2008. Brokers in the western valley are particularly busy. The most recent figures are available from Land Title Guarantee Co. — which covers transactions recorded through the Eagle County Clerk & Recorder’s Office in August. Those figures show the town of Eagle with the most sales of any single area.

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Vail Daily Article: How are we supposed to live here?

Tucked in among questions about potty-training and plumber recommendations, the popular Vail Moms Facebook page recently featured an urgent appeal for housing from Ariel Graham.
Graham isn’t a single, ski season transient. She is the married mother of a 4-year-old and a 9-month-old and she actually grew up in the valley. She moved away to attend college but she always wanted to return to her hometown. The trouble is, even though both Graham and her husband are employed full-time, they are having a very difficult time making their move work.

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Vail Daily Article: Hiring Hampered by Housing

If you apply for a seasonal job at Venture Sports – or just about anywhere else in the valley – then one question is going to come up at the beginning of the interview: Do you have a place to live? “If you don’t have housing, I won’t promise you a job until you get here and show me a lease,” Venture Sports owner Mike Brumbaugh said. “If you show up and don’t have a place and then leave, I’m doubly out of luck.”

With that in mind, though, Brumbaugh said he’s doing pretty well getting his stores ready for the winter, estimating that all three Venture Sports stores have about 70 percent of their winter employees hired.

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